Best Research Tools For Amazon Sellers

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Starting at $ 123/mo


We're The Only All-In-One Sourcing Software On The Market. Store Search. Wholesale Search. eBay Search. Private Label Search. Book Search. Euro Flips.

Starting at $ 9.95/mo


#1 Data-driven Research, Optimization, Automation, Analytics and Tracking Software for your Amazon Business Our all-in-one solution will help take your Amazon business to a new level.

Starting at $ 79/mo


Amazon Data Extraction yields important data: ASIN, Department/Category, Cost, Description, Image URL, Buybox Fulfillment by amazon (Yes/No), Manufacturer, Model, Quantity, Rank, Reviews, Seller Name, Shipping Cost, Source Link, Ratings, Title, Total Sellers of the same product, UPC, Weight

Starting at $ 599.99/mo


The all-new SellerApp platform helps Amazon sellers with features such as Product Research, Product Ideas Discover products that are in high demand , Listing Quality, Product Alerts, Product Source, Keyword research, PPC Analyzer, and much more.

Starting at $ 49.97/mo


We include ALL the features you need to run & grow your Amazon business, from automatic messaging for feedback to keyword tracking.


Scientific Seller

How would you like to make more Amazon sales every single month without investing any more time than you are right now? Our results have shown as much as a 10% bump in monthly Amazon sales by simply using smarter keyword research software.

Starting at $ 199/mo


Your One Stop Platform to RESEARCH, OPTIMIZE & SCALE Your Amazon Business


Amazon ASIN Lookup

Tool for Amazon sellers - returns complete in bulk amazon's ASIN info for selected list of identifiers (UPC, EAN, Keywords etc.).

Starting at $ 49.17/mo

Viral Launch

THE GO-TO AMAZON GROWTH PLATFORM Viral Launch ensures marketplace domination on Amazon with software, creative, and consulting services... all just a click away.


ScaleLeap Keyword Research

Free Amazon Keyword Tool

Starting at $ 33/mo


The Best All-in-One Amazon Seller Tool Set to Boost your Business Graphic Sales and Profit Report for Amazon Marketplace Analytics

One-time fee $ 20


WordTree's Amazon keyword tool helps you learn why your competitors are higher in Amazon's search results than you, and what you need to do to beat them.

Starting at $ 57/mo


A full suite of tools leveraging Amazon data to take your business to new heights. Keyword Manager - Amazon Search Volume Traffic Data - Automatic Keyword Harvesting - Listing Manager - Competitor Builder - AMZ Report Card - Amazon Source Data - R2A - TSI+



Amazon keyword research done with real data from actual customer search queries



Our free Amazon price tracker monitors millions of products and alerts you when prices drop, helping you decide when to buy. We also run a free hotel price tracker named Camelodge.

One-time fee $ 95


The first Amazon Private Label research tool that lets you compare entire niches, not just product listings.

Starting at $ 48/mo

Keyword Tool

Find Great Keywords Using Amazon Autocomplete. Keyword Tool Pro Will Help You Understand What People Are Searching For On Amazon And Sell More Products.

Starting at $ 9.99/mo

Asteroid Aim

No sales? Slow sales? We create Amazon text and photos that put money in your pocket and a smile on your face.

Starting at $ 49/mo


InventoryLab provides innovative and effective solutions. With Stratify you'll research products, list and manage your inventory, track your expenses, analyze your profitability and more.

Starting at $ 9.99/mo


Analyze market demand, possible margins and shipping costs for current and future inventory.