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Refunds Software For Amazon Sellers

Revenue share 25 %

Refunds Manager

We File Personalized, Manual Claims To Get You Money Back From Amazon FBA!

Revenue share 50 %

Refund Retriever

Let’s Change How You Audit UPS & FedEx Invoices Getting shipment refunds is a complicated process, and that’s no coincidence. Let Refund Retriever handle this for you, and you’ll only owe us if we get money for you!

Starting at $ 99/mo

Refund X-Ray

Refund X-Ray takes reports generated from your Seller Central account and identifies items for which you are likely due some kind of compensation from Amazon. In compliance with Amazon policies, Refund X-Ray does not file refund requests on your behalf, it simply identifies for you, the items you should consider submitting to Amazon support for reimbursement.

Revenue share 8 %


If you're an FBA seller, Amazon probably owes you money. We get it back for you. Our reimbursement service is the most affordable and hassle-free way to claim refunds from Amazon’s mistakes.

Starting at $ 29/mo


AUTOMATE your FBA Inventory Management. Forecast your inventory needs. Get low Inventory Alerts. Find out your excess inventory. See your upcoming FBA long term storage fees and more