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Customer Follow Up Software For Amazon Sellers

Starting at $ 19/mo

Amz Mailer

Our Amazon feedback software and email autoresponder make it easy for Amazon sellers to send Amazon customers automated emails.

Starting at $ 10/mo

Bqool Feedback Central

Amazon Feedback Software All packages include automated feedback request template Available for Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, MX

Revenue share $1-$1.5 %


Launch and Rank your Products on Amazon! We are using highly targeted ads that will bring you your perfect customers + Amazon loves external traffic, they love when buyers come from Facebook, Google, etc. It will boost your ranks and position your product high in search results.

Starting at $ 299/mo

Efficient Era

Catch Amazon suspended ASINs in hours rather than days! Ads • Alerts • Automation FOR AMAZON PRIVATE LABEL SELLERS.

Starting at $ 29.99/mo


The powerful Amazon seller tool helps sellers monitor product reviews, automatically matches reviews with orders and enables sellers to contact buyers directly to remove negative reviews from all marketplaces.

Starting at $ 9.99/mo


With intuitive Amazon feedback software and automated email campaigns, you’ll be able to double your feedback, get Amazon reviews, boost your Buy Box percentage, and increase revenue.

Starting at $ 29/mo


Get more sales, more reviews and increase your organic ranking with promotions and intelligent targeted email campaigns.

Starting at $ 25/mo

FBA Multi-tool

Advanced FBA Calculator, Amazon Sourcing , Deal Analysis & VA Time Tracking - Monitoring App + More

Starting at $ 9.99/mo


FeedbackFive is the industry’s leading feedback management tool, designed specifically for Amazon merchants. Developed by eComEngine, LLC, FeedbackFive gives Amazon sellers the power to proactively manage their feedback scores.

Starting at $ 37/mo


Amazon Sellers... Start Collecting 5X More Feedback, Reviews, Rankings, And Sales With Our Plug-N-Play Customer Engagement Engine

Starting at $ 14.99/mo


Advanced software for merchants to boost their Amazon business, repair feedback, improve product reviews, and automate high-volume emails.

Starting at $ 25/mo

Bqool Review Central

Amazon Review Management Start managing your Amazon reviews with BQool Available for Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, MX

Starting at $ 69/mo


Connected support, feedback and pricing in one e‑commerce platform. Helpdesk - Feedback - Repricer

Starting at $ 20/mo

SellerLabs Feedback Genious

Automatic Emails For Amazon Sellers - Automate Buyer-Seller Messaging - Enhance the Buying Experience - Establish a Healthier Account - Product Reviews & Feedback Notifications

Starting at $ 20/mo

Indition Seller Tools

Amazon Advertising Optimization, Product Listing Content Optimization, Automated Email Campaigns, Reviews Management, Landing Pages & Much More.

Starting at $ 12.74/mo

A Review Fetch


Starting at $ 35/mo

Quantify Ninja

Quantify Ninja is a best all-in-one tool for third party Amazon sellers. It allows sellers to automate the follow up process with their customers who place orders through Amazon. It is a great help too with accounting and inventory.

Starting at $ 19/mo


With a few clicks we can automatically email your Amazon customers to help you get more product reviews and increase your seller feedback count.

Starting at $ 20/mo


Feedback Software & Email Automation Tool for Amazon Sellers. Intelligent E-mail Sending - Real Product Tracking - Email Creation Wizard - Custom e-mail triggers - Automatic blacklisting - Comprehensive analytics