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Analytics Software For Amazon Sellers



Leading e-commerce teams use Silverback’s predictive sales insights to take game changing actions. Do you?

Starting at $ 255/mo


Profitero helps you understand the performance factors impacting your online sales and the specific steps that will grow your sales faster.

Starting at $ 9.95/mo


#1 Data-driven Research, Optimization, Automation, Analytics and Tracking Software for your Amazon Business Our all-in-one solution will help take your Amazon business to a new level.

Starting at $ 100/mo


Need a little “inside information” on the FBA market? Then eComSpy is at your service. eComSpy gives you fast and accurate intelligence for an item before you actually add it to your inventory.



All your Amazon eCommerce data, centralized & automated

Starting at $ 69/mo


Make More Money on Amazon With the Leading Toolkit for Retailers and Brand Owners. Keyword Research. Product Research. Reverse ASIN.

Starting at $ 50/mo

Trendle Analytics

The leading all-in-one application for sellers looking to grow their Amazon business

Starting at $ 19.99/mo


Get full sales statistics in 1 click without leaving the Amazon page. Prompt access to 18 product metrics. Accurate sales data based on more than 200 000 daily tracked products.

Starting at $ 32.5/mo

SellerLabs Scope

Discover Profitable Keywords and Products - Improve Your Paid and Organic Search Rankings - Do a reverse ASIN lookup and see what’s driving your competitor’s sales - Identify a New Product - Track the search rank performance of any keyword or product



Say no to fake reviews and counterfeits. Fakespot analyzes reviews to help you make better purchasing decisions

Starting at $ 19.9/mo


AMAZON KEYWORD TOOL FOR COMPETENT SELLERS. Find the right keywords, get the real clients.

Starting at $ 19.99/mo


The Most Accurate Amazon Reverse ASIN Search Tool. Find the exact keywords used by your competitors. 0.8 billing keywords updated monthly.

Starting at $ 299/mo


Use Valuable Data To Make The Right Decisions. Supports All International Marketplaces. Outclass Competitors And Conquer Amazon. Complete Suite of Tools.

Starting at $ 49.17/mo

Viral Launch

THE GO-TO AMAZON GROWTH PLATFORM Viral Launch ensures marketplace domination on Amazon with software, creative, and consulting services... all just a click away.



Grow your online business using intelligent data and modern selling technology

Starting at $ 299/mo

PPC Ninja

Catch Amazon suspended ASINs in hours rather than days! Ads • Alerts • Automation FOR AMAZON PRIVATE LABEL SELLERS.

Starting at $ 99/mo


Tools For Amazon FBA Sellers. Manage Your Growing Business

Starting at $ 33/mo


The Best All-in-One Amazon Seller Tool Set to Boost your Business Graphic Sales and Profit Report for Amazon Marketplace Analytics

Starting at $ 20/mo


Accurate data analysis. With me, you are big seller. Because it's cheap, it is popular because it is professional

Starting at $ 50/mo


Offense and Defense for Amazon Sellers Introducing the only software for Amazon that grows rankings and helps you keep them.

Starting at $ 9.99/mo


Get insider access to Amazon sales data, niche market gold mines, and competitor performance. Earn a lot more in FBA sales without spending a lot more to do it.



Increase your Amazon sales with new product recommendations and accurate sales forecasts.

Starting at $ 32/mo


The World's 1st Fully Automated FBA Calculator, Online Arbitrage & Wholesale Analysis Tool - BuyBotPro!

Starting at $ 14.99/mo


Stay ahead from your competitors on Amazon & increase your sales velocity through real time product sales, review and BSR tracking, anywhere & anytime on your smart device!

Starting at $ 17/mo


Comprehensive price history graphs. Price Drop & Availability Alerts. Email, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and RSS. Browser extensions - once installed the Keepa price history graph will be displayed directly on each Amazon product page.

Starting at $ 27/mo


Find Out What Really Ranks Products In Amazon Through Smart Organic Keyword-Based Product Tracking. A powerful Amazon keyword rank checker that allows you to reverse engineer what marketing is working, and what is wasting you time and money!

Starting at $ 25/mo

FBA Multi-tool

Advanced FBA Calculator, Amazon Sourcing , Deal Analysis & VA Time Tracking - Monitoring App + More

Starting at $ 200/mo


Multichannel E-Commerce Platform

Starting at $ 37/mo

Profit Phoenix

Profit Phoenix is the ultimate software for Amazon FBA sellers, combining all the tools you need into a single easy-to-use and cost-effective platform.

Starting at $ 44/mo


ScoutIQ helps you find profitable books to sell on Amazon. Start a side hustle, or a full-time business, with ScoutIQ.

Starting at $ 10/mo


ScanSheet can anyalyze hundreds, even thousands, of products an hour, saving your countless hours of work.

Starting at $ 97/mo

Helium 10

The Helium 10 Software Suite contains over a dozen tools that help Amazon sellers to find high ranking keywords, identify trends, spy on competitors, and fully optimize product listings to increase sales exponentially.



Salsify helps brands win on the digital shelf

Starting at $ 97/mo


Amazon Business Software “Keeps a bird's eye view on your business”

Starting at $ 60/mo


DATA SCIENCE + KEYWORDS. We collect searches from real Amazon shoppers. This allows us to quickly spot trends and see what's in the minds of shoppers — your customers.

Starting at $ 29/mo


SupplySpy is the only web-based solution that lets you analyze supplier wholesale price lists and calculate profits in bulk.

Starting at $ 29.99/mo


Sellvisor for Amazon Sellers. Easy-to-use and Real-time Profit Analysis Tool to Improve Profitability

Starting at $ 9/mo

ScanDroid Pro

The Only Fully Automated Online Sourcing Solution For Amazon Sellers

Starting at $ 39.95/mo


Amazon Data at your Fingertips. Amazon ASIN, SKU, UPC, MPN, ISBN Converter. Retrieve Buy Box Price & Sales Rank.

Starting at $ 97/mo

Hello Profit

Everything You Need from an Amazon Seller Software. One Login. Multiple Powerful Tools. Full Suite of Amazon Seller Analytics Allows You COMPLETE CONTROL of Your Business.

Starting at $ 32/mo


The smart way to optimize your paid search on Amazon. Machine Learning Automation. Smart Keyword Management. Rules to Optimize Bids. All your KPIs Visualized. Analyze Search Terms. Valuable History.

Starting at $ 150/mo


Manage Inventory on multiple marketplaces( Amazon)

Starting at $ 20/mo


Business Dashboard for Amazon Sellers. Tracks your Sales, Calculates Profit & Forecasts Inventory

Starting at $ 67/mo


Amasuite 5 uncovers the products & keywords that will make you money on Amazon

Starting at $ 420/mo


12 Tools and Counting! To Help You Grow at Every Phase of Your Amazon Business

Starting at $ 59/mo

SellerLabs Ignite

Whether you manage a single brand or multiple brands, Ignite’s powerful analytics, easy-to-interpret visual reporting, and data-driven suggestions help you solve your most-urgent advertising challenges

Starting at $ 999/mo


The Operating System Of Commerce ™ - powers orders, inventory and business intelligence for the world's top high-volume brands and retailers

Starting at $ 19/mo


The world's most accurate profit analytics for amazon sellers. Profit in real time. Inventory management. Autoresponder.

Starting at $ 19/mo


Finally. All your marketing metrics in one place. #1 reporting automation tool for PPC, SEO, social and web analytics

Starting at $ 79/mo

SellerLabs Quantity

Simplified, Comprehensive profit and Inventory Reporting - Save time by automating complex business reports - Maximize Profit - Never Run Out of Inventory - Visualize Your Growth

Starting at $ 80/mo


Intelligent Amazon Product Alerts - Instant Notifications of Buybox Hijackers, Product Suppressions, Bad Reviews, Price Changes, Scammers, and MUCH More, to finally rest easy at night!

Starting at $ 99/mo


Turn your searches into Scouting Reports. IT’S LIKE HAVING X-RAY VISION FOR ONLINE ARBITRAGE!


Listing Dojo

Our powerful set-and-forget platform allows you to determine which price point, images, title, and description make your listing the most money!

Starting at $ 29/mo


Bulk Analysis & Profit Calculation Software for Amazon Professional sellers

Starting at $ 57/mo


The leading All-in-One software dedicated to helping you succeed on Amazon. Increase organic traffic, automate PPC campaigns, track profits and much more.

Starting at $ 59.97/mo


Integrated Software Tools To Make Managing & Scaling Your Amazon Business Easy.

Starting at $ 69/mo

Daily Source Tools

Finding Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon. Price Checker 2 Software. Daily Product Lists.

Starting at $ 39/mo


Deep and intuitive insight into your Amazon business Top rated data analytics software for Amazon sellers

Starting at $ 25/mo


Get the data you need to build your Amazon business, sell a successful product and work on your own terms.

Starting at $ 59/mo


Ordoro is your one-stop app for shipping orders from each of your sales channels.

Starting at $ 15/mo

Seller Metrix

Track Your Sales, Profit and Other Key Data in Real Time



Big Data Consumer Analytics