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Guide: How to contact Amazon Seller Support

If you are Amazon seller, sooner or later you will have to contact Amazon customer support. In this article, we will cover various reasons to contact Amazon customer support and the ways to do it.

How to contact Amazon Seller Support via Direct Email

A list of most useful phone numbers and email addresses you can find below.

Amazon Seller Performance Team

Amazon is supervising sellers' performance and keeps an eye on the marketplace to be sure that everyone respects Amazon rules. There are quite a few dedicated teams responsible for it. If for some reason your performance is scarce or if you broke some of the Amazon rules - you will be contacted by the sellers' performance team. In case if you got a notice from them and want to reach out to clear out the issue, please choose an email address related to your local marketplace:

Region Email
US seller-performance@amazon.com
UK seller-performance@amazon.co.uk
FR performance-vendeur@amazon.fr
DE verkaeufer-performance@amazon.de
JP alliance@amazon.co.jp
ES performance-vendedor@amazon.es
IT performance-venditore@amazon.it
CA seller-performance@amazon.ca

Amazon Official Emails

Whether you have doubts about your account confirmation, if you want to make send a seller verification inquiry, or need any other information, you can use the most appropriate official Amazon email:

Seller Evaluation

If you got an email from The Seller Evaluation Team, it is seldom a good thing. If you received an email from them and want to reach them regarding your issue directly, or by any other reason, you can do so at seller-evaluation@amazon.com

It might be frustrating to see how your hard work gets replicated by copycat sellers. If you suspect someone of copyright violation on your private label items, you should report it to Amazon seller support by phone or email:

Email copyright@amazon.com
Phone (206)266-4064

Before reaching out, you should prepare a detailed description of your product and all available details of the product that infringes the copyright including ASIN and URL. Also, you will need to provide proof that you are the owner or are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

And the last thing. Fill out your contact details and sign some statements confirming that all information is accurate and you act in good faith.

Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights

Amazon considers intellectual rights infringement the offense equal to copyright violation, and reacts on it the same way. If you sell patented products or products that use patented technologies that belong to you, please feel free to contact Amazon seller support at:

Region Email
US notice@amazon.com
UK notice@amazon.co.uk
FR notification@amazon.fr
DE benachrichtigung@amazon.de
IT notifica@amazon.it
ES aviso@amazon.es
IN notice@amazon.in
MX notice@amazon.com.mx

Report Suspicious E-mails, Phone Calls, or Webpages

All Amazon clients (shoppers and sellers) should be concerned with fake phone calls, correspondence, and even fake Amazon websites. If you received a fake phone call, email, or visit a website you believe is not genuine, you should report it at stop-spoofing@amazon.com

Appeal for Payment After the Account is Closed

If your account has been closed by some unfortunate event, you still can appeal for any due payment. To appeal please send your inquiry to one of the following email addresses:

Region Email
US merchant-reserve-inquiry@amazon.com
CA payments-investigate@amazon.ca
UK payments-investigate@amazon.co.uk
FR investigation-amzpayments@amazon.fr
DE payments-nachforschungen@amazon.de
IT payments-investigate@amazon.it
ES investigacion-pagos@amazon.es
IN payments-investigate@amazon.in
MX payments-funds@amazon.com.mx

Appeal for Product Quality Issues

In case if you received a product quality notice, you may send an appeal using the most appropriate email address:

Region Email
US seller-performance-policy@amazon.com
UK seller-performance-policy@amazon.co.uk
FR politique-performance-vendeur@amazon.fr
DE verkaeufer-performance-richtlinie@amazon.de
IT performance-venditore-politiche-di-condotta@amazon.it
ES politicas-performance-vendedor@amazon.es
IN seller-performance-policy@amazon.in
MX politicas-performance-vendedor@amazon.com.mx

For Unpaid Earnings After the Account is Closed by Amazon

Often it is nearly impossible to get back any of the unpaid earnings after Amazon has closed your account. Yet, you can try your luck sending an email on your situation to payments-funds@amazon.com

If you can provide proof that you didn't break any of Amazon's rules - you could get your money back. Unfortunately, the process could be laborious and long.

Phone Amazon Seller Support

For some reason, Amazon has removed all phone contacts from the Seller Central dashboard, but as we promised at the beginning of this article, you can reach seller support dialing numbers listed below:

International 1-206-922-0880
Account registered on Amazon.in 1-800-419-7355 (Toll-free)
Canada & US 1-800-372-8066

You can call from anywhere in the world.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

It's hard to say, if Jeff Bezos himself reads those emails, which must arrive in the thousands daily. But they are read by someone in the office. Depending on request, they might send an acknowledgment, propose a solution, forward to the appropriate department or just “delete” it. This method was pretty effective years ago for escalation in truly serious circumstances. But after everyone started using it for every little thing - there is no predicting what will happen, if anything. You can email him at jeff@amazon.com

How to contact Amazon Seller Support From Seller Central

The easiest way to contact Amazon customer support without wasting time in search of contact numbers or email addresses is from your Seller Central dashboard.

If you need to contact selling support regarding your listing or for issues related to advertising and stores. Here is how to do it:

Log into your Amazon Seller Central dashboard. Next, click on the Contact Us tab and choose the most suitable Contact Reason. Type your issue details to the text field below.

My Photo

If none of these presented topics cover your issue, choose Other Account Issue and select your favorite contact method.

With a bit of luck, you will get a chance to talk to someone on chat. Otherwise, you may prefer to contact the support either by phone or via email.

If you would like to contact the Amazon seller support by email, simply fill in the form and click send. To speak with an Amazon representative, you will be required to fill in your phone number, and a representative will get in touch.

Amazon seller support no longer provides a contact phone number in the Seller Central. However, using the phone number provided in this article you can still call them.

General Advice

Amazon seller support is divided into several departments, so if you want to get their answer as quickly as possible - please follow the tips listed below.

The most effective way to send your message to Amazon customer support is by filling the online form at Seller Central account. In this case, your message will be delivered to the dedicated team directly.

The fastest way to contact Amazon seller support is chat or phone, but the answers will be less detailed than if you send an inquiry by email.

Important to pick the right department of Amazon seller support for your issue and choose the most appropriate email address from listed above. If you have several issues, better to send each issue in a separate email. Do not list all of them in one email.

Before contacting Amazon seller support

To help Amazon seller support representatives better and faster address your concerns. You should explain your issue clearly and with all available details, the best way to do it is by email.

There are a few important things you should know before writing your email:

If you prefer to talk with Amazon seller support representative rather than email, you should:

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