This is a software catalog for Amazon sellers, that you can use to get insight on what is available on the market. We also help with basic information on every project to help you evaluate project faster. Services are out of scope, but we do promote some of them.

Frequently asked questions

Where is this data from?

"It's complicated" We're automating everything we can about this project. But it still involves manual labour for most parts. We also appreciate all the community involvement and would appricate if you can drop us an email.

Can we submit our project?

Please do! But we should warn you, that we don't list "services" and we do have a vetting process for projects.

Are there any premium listing offers?

I'm happy you asked. We offer improved visibility for projects within our resource. Including -- do-follow links, extra assets, custom description or special offers.

How is this project different?

We don't delude you with potentially flawed metrics and information. No voting, no ranking and no comments. Our main focus is data and accurancy.

This site looks familiar?

We got heavily inspired by the work of our friend Eelco of StartupCosts.